RX Vitamins for Pets Ultra EFA for Dogs and Cats

Ultra EFA is a highly potent, bioactive. fatty acid lipid blend featuring a high-grade marine lipid concentrate and liquid lecithin. Marine lipids are rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Lecithin is a natural source of phospholipids. The antioxidant properties of rosemary and vitamin E effectively prevent lipid peroxidation of delicate fatty acids. The Ultra EFA formula features high levels of EPA and DHA, enhancing the formula's efficacy.

1 Teaspoon Contains:
Marine Lipid Concentrate 3000 mg
Supplying: Eicosapentaneoic Acid (EPA) 540mg, Docosahexaneoic Acid (DHA) 360mg
Lecithin (from Sunflower) [supplying 100mg phosphatidylcholine] 300mg, Zinc (as gluconate) 2.3mg, Rosemary Extract (as an antioxidant and preservative) 2.3mg, Biotin 23mcg, Vitamin E tocopherol acetate) 45 IU

1/4 teaspoon for each 15 pounds of body weight twice daily. Always start your pet with a smaller amount than is recommended in order to adapt it to the bioactive oils in this highly potent formula. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a dosage that would best suit your pet's condition.
-Shake well before using
-Please store in a cool, dark place