Four Leaf Rover - Green Rover - Organic Broccoli Sprouts and Greens for Dogs


Four Leaf Rover - Green Rover is made with organic broccoli sprouts, a rich source of naturally occurring sulforaphane that activates the Nrf2 pathway and helps support balanced immune function and liver detoxification. Four Leaf Rover uses only organic and freeze-dried broccoli sprouts to keep the beneficial phytochemicals intact throughout the heating and drying process. Fermented greens and grasses are added to supply your pet with prebiotics and healthy polyphenols to maintain gut health.

  • Green Rover contains organic broccoli sprouts, which are high in sulforaphane
  • Sulforaphane activates the Nrf2 pathway, supporting immune function and liver detoxification
  • Freeze-dried for maximum potency and optimal health benefits
  • Fermented greens and grasses are added for prebiotics and polyphenols to maintain gut health


Active Ingredients per 1/2 (1.3 g):
Organic broccoli sprouts 1g - Providing 40 mcg of sulforaphane
Proprietary blend of fermented greens greens and prebiotics 300 mg (Organic barley grass, organic alfalfa grass, organic oat grass, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic agave, organic sweet potato, chlorella, organinc dunaliella salina, kelp)

Inactive Ingredients: None

Give once or twice daily, or as recommended by your veterinarian.

1-30 lbs - 1/8 tsp
31-60 lbs - 1/4 tsp
61-100 lbs - 1/2 tsp
101+ lbs - 1 tsp