Four Leaf Rover - Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs

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Treat your furry friend to better mobility and comfort with Four Leaf Rover's Hip & Joint supplement. This all-natural formula is the perfect blend of ingredients specifically designed to support healthy bones, joints, and connective tissues so your dog can enjoy a vibrant, active life without joint pain holding them back.

Key Features:

  • Natural Joint Support: Hip & Joint ensures the maintenance of robust bone health, joint cartilage, and connective tissues for a more mobile and comfortable life for your canine friend.
  • Healthy Cartilage & Connective Tissue: The supplement is engineered to help your dog retain its cartilage and connective tissue health, which is crucial for a long-lasting, active lifestyle.
  • Joint Mobility Care: Aids in maintaining joint mobility, allowing your dog the freedom to run, jump, and play.
  • Supports Joint Fluid Viscosity: Encourages healthy joint fluid viscosity for better cushioning during movement.
  • Naturally Healthy Joints For Life: Composed to provide a lifelong healthy joint function, ensuring your dog remains playful and pain-free.
  • Powerful Natural Ingredients: A potent mix of green-lipped mussels, eggshell membrane, pure curcumin, and poria mushrooms nourish and support your dog's joints naturally.


  • Rich in Essential Fatty Acids: The green-lipped mussels in this formula contain ETA and SDA, essential omega-3 fatty acids that aid joint health.
  • Promotes a Healthy Inflammatory Response: Encourages a normal inflammatory response, which is critical for dogs experiencing joint or soft tissue challenges.
  • Whole Food Approach to Joint Health: Free from fillers and additives, the Hip & Joint supplement offers a more holistic approach than other joint health products.
  • Sustainably Harvested Ingredients: Green-lipped mussels are sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of New Zealand, ensuring eco-friendly practices and top-quality ingredients.
  • Rich Sources of Collagen and GAGs: Eggshell membrane and Poria mushrooms contribute natural compounds that bolster joint strength and flexibility.
  • 95% Pure Curcumin for Joint Protection: High-quality curcumin promotes a normal inflammatory response and is free from synthetic additives, ensuring pure and effective joint support.

Always consult your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen for your pet.


Product Facts
Active Ingredients per 1 tsp (2.3 g):
Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) 1,350 mg
NEM® Brand Eggshell Membrane 450 mg
Poria cocos (Wolfiporia extenda) 300 mg
Curcumin 150 mg
Inactive Ingredients: None

Dosage Guide

30 DAY

½ tsp per day
1 - 30 lbs

¾ tsp per day
31 - 60 lbs

1 tsp per day
61 - 100 lbs

1 ¼ tsp per day
101+ lbs